bess, 23, UK, white irish, lesbian

mion sonozaki enthusiast
forensic psychology postgrad student
lover of visual novels and anime
writer and video essayist
unapologetic feminist

p.s. i never shut up about higurashi. ever

i'm selective about who i let follow this account, but i love making friends so if you think we'd get along then go for it! (20+ only)

i love anime with slice of life, psychological and/or drama elements! some favourites are aria, full metal panic!, march comes in like a lion, perfect blue, princess mononoke, shiki, shirobako, sound! euphonium and spirited away

some of my other miscellaneous interests are abc lost, ace attorney, btob, figure collecting, girl groups, iu, seiyuu (esp. satsuki yukino), true crime media, uverworld, vocaloid and when they cry